Terms & Conditions

JamFactory Student Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions form an agreement between the Student, Bill-payer, Teacher and JF Music Ltd.

By commencing private tuition or group sessions with a teacher contracted by JF Music Ltd., you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.



1 - Payment


1.1 - Lessons are charged in multiples of four, and payment is always required before the date of the first lesson in the block booking.


1.2 - If payment for lessons is overdue, JF Music Ltd. and/or the Teacher reserve the right to cancel forthcoming lessons until the balance has been paid.


1.3 - Preferred payment methods are: Standing order, Direct Debit, Bank transfer and online card payment.


1.4 – All lessons paid for are exchanged for lesson credits and cannot be exchanged back to their cash equivalent.


1.5 - Standing orders are paid for monthly and any authorised absences will result in one make-up credit being added to the student’s account in the following month. This will result in a build up of additional credits, which can be used for additional lessons at any time.


1.6 - Direct Debit payments will be taken once a month for the total amount of services used in that month. This includes private tuition, group sessions and holiday camps.

1.7 - Standing Orders & Bank Transfers are to be paid to using the following details:


JF Music Ltd.

Account number: 17135421

Sort Code: 05-04-69

Bank: Yorkshire Bank



2 – Fees


2.1 – Lesson fees for 2019 are as follows:

20 minutes - £11

30 minutes - £15

60 minutes - £28


2.2 – Lesson fees are subject to change and may be reviewed.


2.3 – Any vouchers made available for JF Music Ltd. services are subject to the Terms and Conditions on the voucher itself.

3 – Cancellations and Rescheduling


3.1 - All cancellations and rescheduling of lessons is to be dealt with directly between the Teacher and Bill-payer, and will be recorded on the online system.


3.2 - Any dispute over lesson fees, cancellations etc. should be discussed with the Teacher and JF Music Ltd., who will always endeavour to resolve a dispute fairly by reviewing online attendance records and any other evidence provided.


3.3 – You may cancel your scheduled lesson at no cost to you if at least 24 hours is given before the start of the scheduled lesson.


3.4 - If less than 24 hours notice is given then you will be charged the full amount for your lesson. The teacher may waive this charge in exceptional circumstances, at their discretion.


3.5 - The Bill-payer is entitled to make up to 8 cancellations in one year between 1st January and 31st December. There will be no cost for these cancellations if at least 24 hours notice is given and you will reserve your agreed weekly lesson slot.


3.6 - The Bill-payer will be charged the full lesson fee for any lessons that they choose to cancel after the 8 lesson limit has been reached.


3.7 – If the 8 lesson limit is reached and further cancellations are not paid for then the Teacher reserves the right to offer the lesson slot to a different student.


3.8 - There is a 10 day grace period between 24th December and 2nd January, in which you may cancel your lessons (with sufficient notice given) without deducting from your 8 lesson cancellation limit.


3.9  At the Teachers discretion, cancelled lessons may be rescheduled to an available makeup-slot within the same week as the cancellation, without deducting from your 8 lesson cancellation limit.


3.10 - Any cancellation made by a teacher will not be charged, unless cover teaching is arranged and the student attends their lesson with a cover teacher.


4 - Opening Times


4.1 - JamFactory will be open for teaching all year round, except for 25th and 26th December. This means that lessons will continue on bank holidays, throughout half term breaks, Summer and Christmas holidays.


4.2 - All private lesson and group times are to be arranged with the teacher, and it is their responsibility to inform the Student and Bill-payer of any changes.




5 - Arrival and Departure


5.1 - Always aim to arrive on time for your lesson and notify your teacher if you are running late.


5.2 - If parking outside JamFactory, please park respectfully so as not to disrupt or inconvenience local residents, pedestrians or other road users.


5.3 - You must ensure that your teacher knows when you have arrived for your lesson. This will help your teacher to ensure that lessons run on time and that every student make the most of their full lesson.

5.4 - Generally, Parents/ Guardians should wait outside so as not to distract the student during the lesson, unless it is specifically requested by the Student, Parent/Guardian or Teacher that the Parent/Guardian remains present.



6 - General


6.1 – All correspondence relating to private tuition should be between the Teacher and Bill-payer.


6.2 – All records of scheduled lessons and attendance are kept on the online system. If you are unsure about any scheduling/cancellations then check with your teacher.


6.3 - You must keep JF Music Ltd. and your teacher informed of any changes in contact details. JF Music Ltd. and the Teacher should always have two emergency contact numbers for each student.


6.4 - If a teacher cannot reach you over the phone to notify you of a change to lesson scheduling, they will always leave a voice message or send a text.

6.5 - If a text or voicemail is received from your teacher then you should confirm with them that you have seen it.

6.6 - Students may not cause harm or damage to equipment on JF Music Ltd. premises or walk around the building into any other areas without permission from the teacher.

6.7 - JamFactory reserves the right to terminate lessons indefinitely due to consistent absence with no notice, bad behaviour, or any other reasonable cause. Verbal abuse from parents/students will always result in instant termination of lessons without refund.


Thank you for reading the terms and conditions for private tuition and group sessions at JamFactory! If you have any questions or concerns then please speak with your teacher or contact Chris/Josh via info@jamfactory.fun